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Re: [ic] how to uninstall a catalog?

Quoting Sarah Gargett ([email protected]):
> I can't seem to find documentation for this anywhere - can anyone tell me
> what I need to do to completely uninstall a catalog?

Four steps:

    1. Remove the Catalog line from interchange.cfg, i.e.
           perl -pi.bak -e 's/^Catalog\s+construct.*//' interchange.cfg

       Or use your favorite editor.

    2. Remove the link program (i.e. /cgi-bin/construct).
    3. Remove the HTML directory (i.e. /home/httpd/html/construct).
    4. Remove the catalog directory (i.e. ~/catalogs/construct).

At that point, all traces are gone except for a construct.status file
that lays around in INTERCHANGE_ROOT/etc. You can remove that too if
you like more than 4 steps. 8-)

I think we need to add this to the docs....

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