Table of Contents

(all in one file)

1. How does Interchange work?
1.1. Where are the pages?
1.2. Where are the images?

2.1. Configuration Problems
2.2. Error -- the Interchange server was not running...
2.3. I get messages like ' not found.' What does it mean?
2.4. Can't locate in @INC. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted.
2.5. Segmentation fault or other core dump.
2.6. Configuring catalog whatever...Use of uninitialized value at line 1614, <CONFIG> chunk 322.
2.7. Why isn't the above error more enlightening?
2.8. does not match executable version.
2.9. Can I run Interchange on the Macintosh or Windows?
2.10. Error -- 'make: command not found'
2.11. Templates aren't showing, only the center content of the page itself
2.12. When I try to install the RPM, I get "failed dependencies" errors

3. SSL problems
3.1. Shopping cart is dropped when using SSL.
3.2. I have a different secure server domain. Why does the shopping cart get dropped?
3.3. My images aren't there on the secure server!!!
3.4. My secure pages fail when the browser is MSIE.

4. ISP Problems
4.1. No shell access allowed on my ISP.
4.2. We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable...
4.3. Document contains no data or premature end of script headers (especially on BSDI or FreeBSD).
4.4. Interchange server only runs for a while, then dies.
4.5. My entire home directory is in HTML document space.

5.1. Can I run multiple catalogs on one server?
5.2. How do I start Interchange when I reboot?
5.3. I installed the Interchange RPM, and I can't restart.
5.4. How do I set up a mall?

6.1. Can I attach a size or color to a product?
6.2. Can I change the price based on size or color (or other attribute)?
6.3. How are simple product options structured?
6.4. But what do these options do? Where do they live?

7.1. PGP encryption -- Server Error
7.2. PGP encryption -- What do I do now that it is working?

8. How do I....
8.1. How do I get the number of items in a shopping cart?
8.2. How do I delete an item from the cart in Perl?
8.3. The demo doesn't do ... (pick one)
8.4. How can I trace the source of a purchase and run a partners program?
8.5. How can I send an email copy of the receipt to a user?
8.6. How do I display Euro pricing?
8.7. How do I empty the shopping cart?
8.8. How do I e-mail credit card numbers in plain text?
8.9. How do I setup multiple shipping addresses?
8.10. How do I change the order number from TEST0001, TEST0002 to something else?
8.11. How do I move a catalog from a test server to a production server?
8.12. How do I access the raw match count?
8.13. How do I add the thumbnail to the results page?
8.14. How do I do a random display of items?
8.15. How do I setup a new real time payment processor that isn't yet supported by Interchange?
8.16. How do I modify orders after they are placed, change items, shipping, etc.?
8.17. How do I make or get a certificate for SSL?
8.18. How do I perform multi-table SQL queries and/or joins using dot notation?
8.19. How do I modify the Save Cart and Recurring Cart feature? How do they work?

9. Errors
9.1. Sorting doesn't work across multiple pages.
9.2. I am searching for a string and it is not found. I know it is there!

10. Performance Issues
10.1. Interchange runs, but it's sooo sllooowww...
10.2. Interchange slows down over time.
10.3. I am using SQL, and Interchange is slow ...

11. Using Interchange with Apache and SUEXEC

12. A friendly reminder

13. Tips and tricks
13.1. Locking down your system
13.2. Optimizing lists

14. Using Interchange with Oracle

15. Using Interchange with PostgreSQL

16. Using Interchange with MySQL

17. Using Interchange with Apache

18. Perl/Interchange FAQ
18.1. Cameron Prince's local Perl installation how-to

19. Other / Miscellaneous Questions
19.1. What does the "mv_pc" variable added to every URL mean?
19.2. Where is process.html?
19.3. What PGP / GPG encryption software is available for Windows?
19.4. When are the results_big.html or results_either.html files called/used?