6.6. email

This tag takes a recipient address and a body text and uses the SendmailProgram with -t option to send email.

6.6.1. Summary

    [email to subject* reply* from* extra*]Your message[/email]
    [email to=to_address subject=subject reply=reply_address
        from=from_address extra=extra_headers]Your message[/email]

Positional parameters: The first line shows the usage with positional parameters (given in order). The second line shows usage with named parameters.

Parameters Description Default
to Email address of recipient none
subject Subject line String: <no subject>
reply Email address to be used for the reply-to header none
from Senders email address First address in MailOrderTo configuration variable
extra Additional headers to be included none
Invalidates cache No
Macro No
Has end tag [/email]

Tag expansion example:

           to="[email protected]"
         from="[email protected]"
    Hello World

ASP-like Perl call:

    $Tag->email(  { to => $to,
                  from => $from,
               subject => $subject,
                 reply => $reply,
                 extra => $extra,
                  body => $body }  );

or similarly,

    $Tag->email($to, $subject, $reply, $from, $extra, $body); See Also

email_raw and etc/mail_receipt, pages/process_return.html, pages/stock-alert-added.html for examples.

6.6.2. Description

Will send the content between the [email][/email] tags as an email to the recipient (to) using the SendmailProgram with -t option. extra

Extra headers to be included. Example: Errors-To: [email protected] from

Email address identifying the sender of the message. Will use the first email address of the MailOrderTo configuration variable if it is not supplied. reply

Email address to be used for the Reply-to header. No Reply-to header will be present if this parameter is omitted. subject

Short text describing the content of the message. The Subject line of an email message. The string <no subject> will be substituted if this parameter is omitted. to

Valid email address(es) of the recipient(s). This parameter is required.