[Camps-users] Camp Installation and Configuration

Jim Anderson jim.anderson at techiegroup.com
Tue Jan 6 23:53:20 UTC 2009

I saw your presentation on Camps at UTOSC and was interested in trying 
this baby out.

My question[s] for you then are:
[1] What documentation [if any] do you have on installing/implementing 
[2] How tricky is this going to be? [In your presentation, you mentioned 
that existent code bases were tricky to implement]
[3] Is Camps something that is viable for company use or is it still in 
the "Private" use stability stage?
[4] What work has been done recently on Camps?

Sorry to harass you on this. If my questions are unwelcome, please just 
say so. I don't mean to infringe. :)

Jim Anderson
Progrexion Technical Solutions

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