[Camps-users] Camp Installation and Configuration

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Mon Jan 12 23:43:10 UTC 2009

On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Ethan Rowe wrote:

>> [2] How tricky is this going to be? [In your presentation, you 
>> mentioned that existent code bases were tricky to implement]
> It depends on a variety of things, mostly coming down to:
> * is your stuff already in version control or not?  If not, then getting
> it prepared for version control can be painstaking.  Any hostnames, port
> numbers, file/URL paths, etc. need to be relative (in the case of paths)
> or abstracted out into configuration files that are outside of version
> control.  This is an aspect of version control, period, and not specific
> to the camp system, but the camp system will punish you pretty harshly
> if you don't do things correctly.
> * what components make up your software stack?  The camp system
> currently has support for:
> - Apache web server
> - Postgres or MySQL database (one or the other, not both)
> - Git, SVN, SVK version control systems
> - Interchange and/or Rails appservers


To say how tricky it's going to be, Ethan's question about what makes up 
your software stack is probably the most important thing. Can you tell us 
what you're using? Is it a web application, or something else?

>> [3] Is Camps something that is viable for company use or is it still in 
>> the "Private" use stability stage?
> It's certainly viable for use, depending on whether you can deal with 
> the setup.  We are talking about having some significant revisions, 
> however, which might change things considerably.
> Basically, setting it up is tough, and it is admittedly under-documented 
> at present.  Once it's set up, it works quite well.

If you're asking about "private" vs. "company" use, it's always been for 
company use. It's gotten very little private use, but is currently in use 
by a over a dozen companies to manage 20+ website projects.

We'll be happy to help get you started if we can!


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