[Camps-users] Upcoming development session and a proposed way forward

Brian J. Miller brian at endpoint.com
Thu Jan 15 03:46:22 UTC 2009

Ethan Rowe wrote:
> Brian J. Miller wrote:
>> Jon Jensen wrote:
>> I've pushed my initial work out under the brian_workup branch in a 
>> directory called "new_dev". This is intended as just a first iteration 
>> in an attempt to give us real (albeit very immature) code to actually 
>> run and test some of the things we've been ranting about.
> Brian,
> I'm well-pleased to have something real to look at and will start
> looking through it tomorrow.  I'm confident we'll get good stuff out of
> this for the hackathon.
> Thanks.
> - Ethan

Good. One thing I should have mentioned. I've re-thought the 
CommandWithNumber class and suspect that this is an ideal place to use 
Moose roles to accomplish the same thing but more elegantly, but I've 
not used them enough to be sure or to have coded it in before putting 
this out there.

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