[Camps-users] refresh-camp --files and process_copy_paths

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Thu Sep 17 23:34:30 UTC 2009

On Sep 17, 2009, at 6:03 PM, Jon Jensen wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, David Christensen wrote:
>> I tracked down some bad behavior on the part of process_copy_paths()
>> when used non-interactively (filled up the root partition on a disk  
>> due
>> to an infinite loop when STDIN was null).  This prompted me to review
>> things for an appropriate fix.  The following is the patch that I  
>> came
>> up with.  It introduces an optional parameter to refresh-camp --files
>> which can take several values: copy, symlink, ask, default.  The  
>> commit
>> message goes into detail about what each option does, but it's pretty
>> straightforward.
>> I'd appreciate a review of the ideas and the code itself before I  
>> push
>> it to the general repository.
> David, it looks like a nice enhancement to me.
> It doesn't actually seem to stop the infinite loop problem, though,  
> in the
> case a non-tty process calls with --files=ask, does it? I really  
> think the
> process should abort if the read from STDIN results in undef, since  
> that
> can only mean EOF given manually or no tty, in which case aborting  
> makes
> sense. (Even hitting <enter> won't return undef.)

That's fine and makes sense to me; in any case, I'd added the tty- 
specific logic to refresh-camp rather than Camp::Master, so I think  
it'll have fixed my problem.  But I agree with your analysis.

> What do you think?
> Jon
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