[Camps-users] Installing camps within Ubuntu

Justin Otten justin.lasotten at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 13:54:58 UTC 2010

I've recently attempted to install camps within Ubuntu to control
Apache+MySQL+Interchange, and I ran into an interesting issue. When
building a camp, installation of MySQL data would fail with write
permissions errors. The script that was failing is 'mysql_install_db'.
After much toil and trouble, I discovered that Ubuntu ships with
something called Apparmor. Apparmor is an ACL system for controlling
where applications can and cannot write within the filesystem.

When MySQL is installed from apt, it also installed an Apparmor
profile, restricting mysqld from writing to anywhere except the
default MySQL installation locations.

Camps, of course, want to install data into a non-standard location.
IMO, the typical location is somewhere under a users home directory.
So a basic fix to this situation is to add the following:

   @{HOME}/ r,
   @{HOME}/** rwk,

to the following file:


This will allow MySQL to write to anywhere in a users home directory
as well as the standard installation locations.
It can be further modified to write to anywhere you need it to, should
you have your camps live elsewhere.

More information about Apparmor can be found here

Justin La Sotten (Otten)

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