[Camps-users] Git repository moved to GitHub

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Thu Aug 27 01:05:26 UTC 2015

Camps users,

We will be migrating the devcamps.org website to a new server soon, and 
there seems to be little value in maintaining our own local Git repository 
and gitweb interface there when most camps development activity has been 
happening at GitHub for the past few years.

Therefore we have removed the old Git repository which was at:


and any checkouts you have with remotes pointing there should now instead 
point to:


One unfortunate side-effect of this is on the camps-commits mailing list:


which formerly showed full diffs of all changes committed, but now only 
shows a summary and gives a GitHub URL to follow for more information. 
Given the low volume of commits, this shouldn't be too big of an 


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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