[docs] devel preview

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Fri Oct 1 17:32:14 EDT 2004

Ok, so this is becoming a tradition.

Preview at http://colt.projectgamma.com/ic/xmldocs/ is updated.

Primarily, it adds more documented items and solves almost all problems
I had with context reports.

- I generated only one-page outputs, so don't look at multi-page htmls
  or the manpages (manpages are broken ATM).

- All pragmas are completely documented.

- I figured out what to do with Synopsis lines for tags:
  See http://colt.projectgamma.com/ic/xmldocs/OUTPUT/usertags.html#env
  or  http://colt.projectgamma.com/ic/xmldocs/OUTPUT/usertags.html#var
  for examples.

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