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Date:      2005-11-03 06:36:47 GMT
Added:     refs/MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT control description example notes
Added:              synopsis
Document new email interception feature.

Revision  Changes    Path
1.1                  xmldocs/refs/MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT/control

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: control
purpose: intercept all outgoing email and instead send to this address
default: undefined

1.1                  xmldocs/refs/MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT/description

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: description
Intercept all outgoing email and instead send it to the address
(or addresses, comma-separated) defined in this global or catalog
variable. This is primarily intended to allow developers to write
functions that send email and test them without worrying about
accidentally sending mail to end-users.
Headers in the form <literal>X-Intercepted-To:</literal> etc. are added to
show what the original destination of the mail was, and the interception
is also noted in the catalog error log.

1.1                  xmldocs/refs/MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT/example

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: example

Setting MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT to "user at example.com"

Set the following in <filename>interchange.cfg</filename> or <filename>catalog.cfg</filename>:

Variable MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT user at example.com


1.1                  xmldocs/refs/MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT/notes

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: notes
Note that this only works for Interchange's built-in routines for sending
email. If you use other methods to send mail, for example by directly
running sendmail or talking to an SMTP server, you'll have to add
interception support yourself.

1.1                  xmldocs/refs/MV_EMAIL_INTERCEPT/synopsis

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: synopsis
  <group choice='req'>
    <arg choice='plain'><replaceable>email address</replaceable></arg>

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