[interchange-docs] xmldocs - docelic modified 2 files

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Wed Jun 21 12:09:04 EDT 2006

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Kevin Walsh wrote:

> You can don't have to set a temporary scratch in two steps,
> as you suggested.  You can set it in one step with the following:
>    $Tag->tmp({
>        name => $name,
>        body => $value,
>    });
> or similarly with positional parameters:
>    $Tag->tmp($name, $attribute_hash_reference, $value);

That positional example is wrong, isn't it? The tmp tag doesn't have 
addAttr set. I've always used $Tag->tmpn($name => $value).

> That method should also be listed in the "GlobalSub code or UserTags"
> table that follows your example.

Also, might as well use $Tag->tmpn() to avoid unneeded interpolation of 
the value which is the default for tmp.


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