[interchange-docs] Strange behav IC 5.6 table edit

jorge pintos pintos_jorge at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 15:41:50 UTC 2012

1.We have been working with IC using [table edit] in custom forms ( pages :mix of itl +html)

2.As we are using  5.4 we decided to upgrade to  5.6.All problems listed here , appear also in 5.7 

3.We use Debian + mysql that had no changes here in the last 3 months

4. see this example

 key="[counter products.autonumber]"


1.when we start with a fresh IC setup using the std IC hardware catalog 

    the  above indicated code in a given page  works fine :add update etc are done 

2. admin portion works fine so if add update etc are also done
3.same when I swap to our own database 

4.This can be done for all tables we tested :category ,state,...
   This can be done for a good # (20 or more ) of rows.
5. In some moment ( see below ) NO MORE ADD or UPDATES can be done from 

      our pages ,but admin is  still ok :works fine so  add updates  are done as usual

6.If i switch back to prior db ,same problem keeps appearing 

7.Moments or action we performed  that could  raise the problem 

       IC restart
      Logging to admin and change default display for products :Tabbed display from Y to N 

8.Log Error for the catalog (as the add/update does not show error )
 [12/February/2012:23:40:49 +0000] jh2 /cgi-bin/jh2.cgi/334 Attempted database operation without permission:
> Permission: 'products:,,illustrator,description,weight:334' (key='334')
> Table: 'products'
> Fields:''
> Key:   ''
>logs/usertrack is shown as missing 

No other errors are shown 

We tried restarting IC or even msyql (?) but no success was achieved 

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