[Interchange-announce] Interchange 4.9.4 released

Mike Heins mikeh@perusion.net
Mon Dec 2 10:16:01 2002

ICDEVGROUP is happy to announce the release of Interchange 4.9.4. It is
the best Interchange available today.

Feature additions are too numerous to mention. Some selected ones:

  * New survey and mailforms generator allows you to point and click
    your way to a poll, survey, or feedback form including an
    optional "wizard" look and feel.

  * Payment settlement functions for post-auth and void are now
    supported in the UI, and the order status update functions are
    easier and more visually pleasing.

  * Forum feature allows commments and reviews by users.

  * Tabbed-display tag allows easy creation of tabbed entries on a
    page -- portable for Mozilla, MSIE 5.5+, and Opera 7.

  * New UI look and feel. This is a taste of what is to come;
    some very professional HTML design is still ongoing, and
    Interchange is not done yet in that regard.

To see a large list of changes:


While officially it is still in alpha release, the code is quite stable
and the various nightly builds of 4.9.3 are in wide use in production. THe
alpha status is because the UI interface is changing so rapidly. The
customer-facing code is very stable and in most ways is better than
the stable 4.8.6 branch.

All people using the 4.9.3 nightly builds as a basis for their
development should standardize on this version and not update routinely
from the nightly_build tree. The next round of nightly builds and CVS
checkouts will start to be unstable in the UI area, as a major update to
page logic and look-and-feel is in progress.

The code is available at the ICDEVGROUP site:




All questions and inquiries should be directed to Interchange's fine
user mail list:


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