[interchange-cvs] CVS notice: activity by brevp

Mike Heins [email protected]
Thu, 5 Apr 2001 11:30:38 -0400

Quoting [email protected] ([email protected]):
> CVS activity by user 'brevp':
> interchange/dist/foundation/templates/foundation/regions LEFTONLY_TOP,, LEFTRIGHT_TOP,, NOLEFT_TOP,,
> Update of /anon_cvs/repository/interchange/dist/foundation/templates/foundation/regions
> In directory www.akopia.com:/tmp/cvs-serv30528
> Modified Files:
>       Tag: DEV_4_7_0
> Log Message:
> Added bgcolor="__BACKGROUND__" to the <body> tags.

Will this cause problems with CSS browsers if CSS is set to a different
background-color? If not, this is fine.

If it does cause problems *anywhere* else, I don't think we want to
be part of holding up progress on the web to cater to the 2% of WebTV
users. Those who want to support WebTV in its idiocy can make a WebTV
locale or subcatalog and use a different pages directory.....

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