[ic] Need Tips to speed up access time w/LARGE SQL Databases

John Foster [email protected]
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 08:32:38 -0600

	Mike, thanks for the pointers on indexing. That seemed to help some
when I indexed the extra fields. 

	Thae databases have the following specs; area=76 entries; cat=576
entries; inventory=126,121entries;  products=126,121 entries. these all
have exactly the same fields as the construct demo. The only other
changes to the construct demo that I made were graphics changes. I want
to get it all working before messing with it. I made NO changes to the
IC scripting within the catalog (& that may be part of the problem).
	I would appreciate info from anyone operating a website with databases
of the size that I am trying to use. Also if possible I need tips from
anyone using Linux SMP hardware, if that could possibly cause ANY of the
time lag. I do not know where the problem lies. I have the entire site
working properly as far as taking the actions it is supposed to, but
here are the access times from my regular website to get into the

36 seconds; for first page to come up
62 seconds; for the pulled up listing to show
41 seconds; for the individual product selection to show
38 seconds: to take it to the cart

Most browsers will indicate a time out if the catalog is accessed from
outside my hardware. If anyone has ideas the test site is located at
http://www.advance-computing.com   click on go to retail store. Please
excuse the sloppy front end as this is a work in progress.

AdVance-Computing Systems

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