[ic] MySQL db creation problem solved

Mike Heins [email protected]
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 13:48:46 -0400

Quoting Steve ([email protected]):
> Hi all,
> Thanks to Marc Villeneuve who jumped on an idea I had, and found the place to
> add -p to the makecat script!
> I could not get the script to create a new sql file as it would not use the
> '-p' parameter. Marc located the place to add this and it works well.
> In the /usr/local/minivend/barry/config/precopy-commands file
> you add it to the first line:
> {MYSQL}mysqladmin -p create __MVC_SQLDB__
> The script should really allow for an option to use -p, or better yet, if it
> it fails, to try this parameter as it's a very common configuration amongst
> MySQL installs who want higher security.

I have added a step to the upcoming installer to allow this -- basically
it asks for extra options to the mysqladmin command and then uses those
if set.

I am also building a grant script for MySQL which just does a 

	TO             __MVC_SQLUSER__ 

You will be given the option to run this at the time the database
is created. The same options (i.e. "-u root -p") will be used for that.

If anyone has an equivalent snippet for PostGres and other databases
I would be happy to receive them.

This will still not be perfect, because many people install MySQL binaries
in non-standard places, but it should be an improvement.

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