[ic] MV 3.14 Multiple basket problem

Hans-Joachim Leidinger [email protected]
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:46:27 +0200

Chris Müller schrieb:
> Hi list,
> I am trying to add a second basket to a catalog that has been running
> without any problems for several months. The idea is, that certain items
> can be handled in a special way if certain conditions are met.
> I have created a second basket (say xcart) and have items in it. I use
> the same code as for the main cart (which is working faultlessly),
> except the [cart xcart] directive and the [item-list xcart] to display
> the items. I changed the mv_orderpage to the xbasket page. The subtotal
> is calculated using [item-price noformat=1]*[item-quantity]. As I try to
> either delete the item or change its quantity using the code that works
> in the main basket page, i.e.
> [cart xcart]
> [item-list xcart]
> ..
> <input type=hodden mv_doit value="refresh">
> ..
> <input type=text name="[quantity-name]" value="[item-quantity]">
> ..
> [/item-list]
> <input type=submit
>         onClick="this.form.action='[process-target]'"
>         name=mv_submit value="Recalculate">
> the quantity is not updated, but remains always 1. The html source shows
> "quantity0" for [quantity-name] and value=1.
> There are no errors reported in error_log.
> Can anyone tell me, what I may be missing? I have been fighting this for
> several days now and dont see any reason, why the variable should not
> update.
> Thanks
> Chris

I want to report another (mis)behavior about removing some items from
the basket. I want to remove the items from the basket with a normal URL
(link) and not with an input tag (the same codes as the basket page of
the simple demo shop has).
With MiniVend 4.04, I can remove the quantity, but the removed items are
still showing in the basket with quantity=0 and I've to add some codes
into the basket page to hidden the items with an empty quantity.
With Interchange 4.5, the same remove codes has no effect. I have add
some codes in Order.pm to log some informations into the error.log file
and I see the value of $qty is ´´ or ´0´ (depend, which codes I'm using
to try to remove the item) and it seems to me, the function "toss_cart"
is not working well in the Cart.pm module. Removing all items from the
basket with 


into my [area ...] tag works well. But i get an "No interact error.." (I
don't know the exact phrase from my head.), if I try to remove the first
items with [quantity-name]=0 (the first [quantity-name] like quantity0).
Quantity1=0 and so on has no effect.

It seems to me, MV/IC is looking for the numeric value of "0" and remove
the item from the basket. But, in some case, the value of the quantity
is set to "0" as a character and not numeric and MV/IC can't recognize,
that this item is to remove from the basket.

I apologize to disturb this list, if the above behavior is not real or
right. But I'm in a process to create a shop for a new project as soon
as possible and I get the problem to remove the item from the basket
since last friday.  I hope, I get any hints, helps or suggestions. 

Thank you a lot!


-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------