[ic] Database problems...

draftd [email protected]
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 18:14:32 +0200

I had the same error due to a permission problem. You can try "chown
interchangeuser database" for all databases.
Hope this helps.
PS. heb je die compaq-winkel zelf gemaakt? Ziet er goed uit.

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Subject: [ic] Database problems...

> Hi all,
> I'm currently playing around with the latest Interchange relaease. I have
> been trying to adjust the databases to my needs but I keep having
> difficulties with that.
> In my shop I would like to sell products of eight different manufacturers.
> Each of the manufacturers has it's own products database. The problems
> I'm not able to load the data from a .txt file into a mysql db. What I
> done so far is the following:
> 1) deleted the products.txt file from /catroot/products/.
> 2) deleted the products.mysql file from /catroot/dbconf/mysql/.
> 3) deleted all the .sql files from /catroot/products/.
> 4) create .txt files for each of the manufacturers products files.(Very
> basic ones -> sku, description, price, category)
> 5) create .mysql files for each of the manufacturers products files. (Same
> layout as above.)
> 6) restart interchange.
> After restarting the interchange server the first database (userdb in this
> case) is created end filled. The the first of the manufacturers databases
> created, but not filled. I keep getting this error:
> Column count doesn't match value count at row 1.
> error in configuration. Skipping.
> Can anybody tell my what I'm doing wrong ????
> T.i.a. Walter
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