[ic] help with escaping the [ character

Stefan Hornburg [email protected]
25 Sep 2000 22:26:02 +0200

Spencer <[email protected]> writes:

> 	Actually, this probably won't do what you want in javascript.
> The &#91; and &#93; are translated into [ and ] in HTML code, and not for
> javascript code.  Meaning... if you want minivend/interchange to skip over
> something in [brackets], the brackets must contain something that it
> doesn't recognize.  [selected] is a minivend tag. [blah] is not a minivend
> tag and will be skipped over.
> 	So, you might want to do something like this in your javascript:
> function jumpto() {
>   var optionpicked = window.document.quickLinks.quickList.selectedIndex;
>   parent.location.href =
>     window.document.quickLinks.quickList.options[optionpicked].value;
> }

Or you separate the JavaScript into a single file. Large chunks
of JavaScript parsed by MiniVend are not what you want.


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