[ic] Interchange 4.5.6 beta released

Steve & Patti Getzinger [email protected]
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 08:14:23 -0500

  I have a request for future releases of the rpm files. It ate all the original
catalogs. Did a fine job too I might add :) Now this was on my personal test
machine so no big deal but if it behaves this way on our server ... In the old
days :) an upgrade left everything (catalog wise) in place and brought it into
the new .cfg file. Can there be a command line option added to the rpm that
allows this? Maybe rpm -Uvhleavemyoldcatalogsalone interchangexxxxx.rpm :) I am
also getting the feeling that a rpm -ivh would have failed to install side by
side in the event I wished to run more than one copy as I am now. I use MV 4.03 &
3.14 on our server. Which I might add as long as I am at it. rpm -ivh
interchange_anything.rpm or rpm -Uvh interchange_anything.rpm won't go if you
have MV 4.x installed. OR should I just hang up rpm and use the good old


Jon Jensen wrote:

> We're pleased to announce...image directories (the admin).
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