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Jim Balcom [email protected]
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 20:48:45 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Steve & Patti Getzinger wrote:

S&PG>>If you are having problems with the new docs perhaps reading docs from the
S&PG>>past might help. I still keep a copy of 3.14 for reference. Knowing where it
S&PG>>came from might help with where you presently are. Catalog name is in general
S&PG>>form irrelevant. [sort] is [sort] is [sort] no matter what the cat name is.
S&PG>>Stop thinking this is the only car you are working on theory of the auto so
S&PG>>theory of internal combustion is the same for GM as it is for Ford as it is
S&PG>>for Toyota.

Excellent point!
But, Let's look at it from a different angle!

Yes, I can read the theory of internal combustion and all of the books
available on the subject. And, that's like reading the available docs
on IC. The ones that I have seen are all theory.

But, that does not prepare me to do a valve job on a Ford, Pontiac,
Toyota, or any other car.

<b>HOWEVER</b> Give me an example of how to do a valve job on a Ford,
and I can quickly adapt the techniques to be able to do valve jobs on
Pontiacs, Toyotas, Volkswagens and any other internal combustion engine.

I learn by 'doing'. Construct Something sets up an excellent store. A
very complete store, with only a couple of omissions. Whoever set this
up put in a LOT of time and effort into building it. I only wish that I
was selling hammers and nails. It's great. But, not covered is why the
various things are done as they are. When a good programmer writes
software s/he puts in comments to explain what they did, and why. I
haven't found these explanations, yet.

I'm standing here looking at a Ford that needs a valve job and I have
no idea of where to start in, other than the theory of the 4-cycle
internal combustion engine. 

-= Jim =-

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