[ic] Database design questions

Jud Harris [email protected]
Fri, 6 Apr 2001 17:30:38 -0500

Hey folks -

Before I create 10 different catalogs for varying clients, I'd like to know
whether or not the database structure of the contruct catalog is a good one.  I
don't know too much about database design, but it does seem that there isn't
very much 'relational' functionality within the current database design (mySQL,
that is).  The transactions table seems to contain redundant data in many places
(customer info, order_cost, etc, etc..), and doesn't use foreign keys and
relations as it could.

Maybe that's overkill, but before I write applications to export the data to
other apps/format (i.e. Quickbooks), I'd like to think the initial structure
will be suitable for our long-term needs.

Has anyone else had similar thoughts?  Please share you trials/error.

Thanks so much,