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Jason Timm [email protected]
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 17:51:02 -0700

I assume I would need to create a new link program then?  How do I make one
from scratch (without makecat)?


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Archive the directory structure... ie.

tar -pscf mytarfile.tar /path/to/catalog

move to a new directory and then unarchive...

tar xf mytarfile.tar

Then, modify the interchange.cfg file as necessary...


Jason Korkin.

Jason Timm wrote:
> Hi again...
> I am using IC 4.6.4 on RH 7.0 (Apache and Perl 5.6).
> What is the best way to clone a catalog?  I have invested a lot of time in
> customizing a particular catalog and now need two more just like it.  What
> is the best way to preserve items, affiliates, shipping settings,
> and all other customizations?  Is it enough to export all tables, create a
> new catalog based on construct (as I did for the original one), and then
> import all tables?  I haven't had much luck just moving directories over
> a new catalog.
> Any thoughts?
> Jason
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