[ic] Calculating a total based on cart total.

Ed LaFrance [email protected]
Thu Aug 2 13:35:01 2001

At 10:16 AM 08/02/2001 -0600, you wrote:

>I am sure I am missing something obvious... but how would I be able to do a
>calculation on the cart page based on the cart total?
>For instance... my cart is priced in US dollars... but it would be nice to
>have a field on the checkout page that basically says that your X amount
>order is worth X in CDN dollars.
>I assume it is just a calculation, but I thought somebody may have done
>this.  I don't see anything in the mailing lists, but I might be searching
>for the wrong thing.
>Suggestions would be appreciated.
>   _____

Take a look at the docs on internationalization, this would be the most 
'correct' way:

Once you have setup locale entries for Canada you could do something like:

[setlocale ca_CA]
[currency convert=1][subtotal noformat=1][/currency]

- Ed L.

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