[ic] Undefined catalog: /ace

Dan Browning [email protected]
Thu Aug 2 17:20:00 2001

At 12:54 PM 8/2/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>All the things you suggested are fine.  Other catlogs on the same
>box are running correctly via mod_interchange.
>I think it's a configuration file issue but I can't find it.
>/etc/interchange.cfg is fine.
>/var/lib/interchange/armchaired/catalog.cfg seems to be ok.
>the error logs indicate an "Undefined catalog: /ace"
>Where does the utility configdump get its info from? ... theres a lot
>more there than whats in the catalog.cfg

Note from the Interchange-users guidelines:


  -- Contextual quoting is preferred, i.e.

                 Quoting user1 (<[email protected]>):
                 > Some limited text that will give context.

                 Your reply.


                 Your reply, lazily put at the top.

                 Quoting user1 (<[email protected]>):
                 > The whole big blob of the previous posts, including
                 > signatures and all

         In fact, the author of the program stops following a thread
         the moment this lazy quoting method is used. He figures that
         if you can't take half a minute of your time to save multiple
         minutes of the readers time, the heck with ya.

The extra stuff is somewhere around:

/usr/local/interchange/config_before.cfg and config_after.cfg


Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, [email protected]