[ic] Multi-Part Checkout Problems

Funktion Design and Media [email protected]
Fri Aug 3 17:33:01 2001


I'm at the end of the creation of an Interchange site but have only one
problem left.  I'm trying to split the checkout process into two different
pages.  The first page with all the shipping info, and then the second page
for the cart display with the calculated shipping costs and such at which
point they then enter their credit card number.

The way I'm trying to approach it is to check for errors on the second page
and if there are errors then it [bounce ord/checkout1] to redirect to the
first page, where it displays all the errors.  What's happening though is
that when I fill out all the fields then hit next, it bounces me back to the
first page and says I have errors in my submission but there are no errors
to be found.  Any ideas?

Chris Archibald
Funktion Design and Media
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