[ic] Netscape 4.7 and Interchange

Mike Thompson [email protected]
Thu Aug 9 10:05:42 2001

Hi Rodney,

I was just working on a similar problem.  I have been testing with multiple
versions of IE for PC and Mac as well as Netscape, Mozilla, Opera ...

I am finding a consistant problem with IE and Netscape 4.7 as well.  For me
everything seems to work until I get to the checkout page. At that point the
contents of the shopping cart are gone and no checkout form appears.

I have not fouund out why this is happening yet.  I just discovered this
problem last night.  I was just searching the archives when I saw your

I will keep looking at the code and testing and I will post if I can figure
out what might be happening.

If anyone else has already worked through this or has any idea what is going
on, please share your findings ...


-Mike Thompson

Just wondering if anyone else experienced incompatibility with sites running
IC and trying to view them in Netscape 4.7?
It seems that the site simply comes up blank, notta, nothing on the screen
at all. I have been asked if there is a work around to help these 4.2% of
the general population be able to see the site without upgrading their
browsers for free. Any Ideas??

Rodney Wallin
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