[ic] Debugging

David Totten [email protected]
Fri Aug 10 11:36:00 2001

On 10 Aug 2001 16:57:12 +0200, cedric Boudin wrote:
> Is it possible to get interchange to write debug info in the debug log 
> file.
> what tag is usefull forthis purpouse
> trying to get used to the system 

I don't think I have done this with a [tag] or anything, but within a
[perl][/perl] block, you could do ::logDebug("some debugging output");
and it will output into by default /tmp/icdebug.log. Note: you have to
make sure that you have this option turned on inside of your
interchange.cfg. Another trick that you can do, is ::logError("some
debugging output"); and this will output into your catalogs' error.log

Dave Totten