[ic] Re: !! discount prices in steps !! HELP (Mark Johnson)

Mark Johnson [email protected]
Mon Aug 13 09:10:01 2001

If you will post the exact code you're using, and where you're putting
it, maybe I can help. Unfortunately, I sent out a couple of addenda to
the original I sent out (which didn't work), so I'm not sure what you
used and what you didn't.

I also noticed, after going through some variations, that there seemed
to be a one-request "lag" for the discount amount that was set, though
not the discount itself. Not sure I have a workaround for that one,
which would mean if you really need to be able to display the actual
amount discounted, you'll probably have to write a usertag.

admin wrote:
> hello,
> thank you for your examples. but the result
> is, that are all positions zero.
> i place the code in my checkout.html, is this
> correct?
> btw.  i use perl  v5.6.0, interchange 4.7.7 and
> red hat 7.1
> mfg
> erik kendel
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