[ic] How Can I Force A New Session ID for next purchase?

Mike Heins [email protected]
Wed Aug 15 09:32:02 2001

Quoting [email protected] ([email protected]):
> Hi everybody,
> The customer has purchased and on the reciept page I need to start another
> session so he can buy some more with another transaction/session number.
> I have tried [userdb function=logout hide=1 clear=1] and also [set
> mv_session_id][/set].

Why would you care about session ID? Nothing should depend on that.
I would think very strongly about this were I you. And your customers
are unlikely to buy from you if they have to re-enter all their info. 8-)

There is a way to do it, though:

		$Session->{time} = 1;

That should cause immediate session expiration.

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