[ic] Problems with tutorial

Aaron Kincer [email protected]
Tue Aug 28 17:36:01 2001

Is anyone else having problems getting the tutorial to work for 4.8.1 on Red 
Hat 7.1?  I have followed the directions exactly up to the end of section 
7.1 of the tutorial.  When I restart interchange and try to view the page, 
it does not work.  I have tried a huge multitude of things including 
makecat.  I also verified that the permissions for everything was the same 
for both the foundation and the tutorial.  The foundation works fine, but 
tutorial does not.

If I type localhost/cgi-bin/foundation I get the storefront for the 
foundation.  If I type localhost/cgi-bin/tutorial I get a "catalog not 
defined" error.  Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


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