[ic] Cybercash

Ed LaFrance [email protected]
Thu Aug 30 12:03:00 2001

At 10:00 AM 08/30/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Anyone out there know about the ins / outs of using Cybercash? I have it
>included in my interchange.cfg - and when the server starts it uses the
>cybercash module, however when I place my order, it hangs for about 2
>minutes, and says - cybercash error - Unable to encrypt, or something to
>that extent. This is probably more realated to the Cybercash MCK
>(Merchant Connection Kit) than it is IC. But.... if any of you have had
>problems with it before your help is greatly appreciated. By the way, do
>you have to set _ALL_ of the Cybercash info in the database from the
>Admin UI? I went through the wizard once I had everything configured
>with Cybercash, and all it asked for is me to upload the
>merchant_config, which I did and it seemed to accept it OK.
>Thanks again.

Mike Heins posted the 'official' Cybercash docs for Interchange to this 
list some time ago. At that time the info could not be found anywhere else, 
and I don't know if that situation has improved:


- Ed L.

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