[ic] PGP Mime Header

Corey Gilmore [email protected]
Fri Aug 31 13:38:01 2001

Anyone familiar with the best way to configure a mailer for Win2k and
Win98 to automatically open the attachment with PGP?  I have v7.03.  I
have tried using Outlook and GroupWise 5.5.4, but Outlook doesn't even
recognize the attachment, and GroupWise, well, groupwise just sucks.

I am running IC 4.6.5 btw, and using gpg 1.0.6

Part of the problem might be with the attachment filename, 'pp>'

My catalog name is PP, but I would like to change the filename somehow (at
least add an .asc extension).

from catalog.cfg
Variable  MV_PAYMENT_MODE   minivend_test
Variable    ENCRYPTOR       /usr/local/bin/gpg --encrypt --armor -r [email protected] 2>/home/ic/debug_gpg
EncryptProgram	__ENCRYPTOR__
CreditCardAuto      No

Route main        attach           0
Route main        credit_card      0
Route main        cybermode        ""
Route main        default          1
Route main        email            '[email protected],[email protected]'
Route main        encrypt          0
Route main        encrypt_program  __ENCRYPTOR__
Route main        errors_to        '[email protected]'
Route main        increment        0
Route main        pgp_cc_key       ""
Route main        pgp_key          ""
Route main        receipt          etc/receipt.html
Route main        report           etc/report
Route main        supplant         1
Route main        individual_track orders
Route main        track            logs/tracking.asc

For some reason, I can't get an entire encrypted email either, by setting
encrypt to 1, which AFAIK should be all that I need to do (aside from
setting the PGP option).