[ic] Tax&Shipping!!!

Philippe Roche [email protected]
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 10:21:31 -0400


I have a problem with the two sales tax in canada/Quebec
I've read the announce concerning this problem and find this:
This one comes up often enough that we need an FAQ. You need
to use the mv_handling feature.

In shipping.asc:

gst   GST   [subtotal noformat=1]  0    99999999    x .07
pst   PST   [subtotal noformat=1] [value state]   0    0    0
pst   PST for Alberta AB   0    99999999    x .075
pst   PST for Ontario ON   0    99999999    x .08
pst   No PST     0    99999999    0

GST is always applied, but PST can be geographically qualified
on province. The first line just sets up the geographic qualification.

Now just set:

    [value name=mv_handling set="gst pst" hide=1]

somewhere at the top of the checkout page.


    GST: [shipping gst]
    PST: [shipping pst]

This work! but the calcul of the tax is not valid: exemple:
This solution calcul this way:
subtotal=10.00$ + tax1(0.70$) + tax2(0.75$) = 11.45$
And i need this:
subtotal=10.00 + tax1 = 10.70 x tax2 = 0,80.--> totaltax1(10.70) + tax2(0.80) 
= 11.50
In a larger number the diffrence is important...to important!

Can somewhone help me!!
I try this to :[calc][subtotal] + [value tax1] * [calue tax2] [/calc] but 
this doenst seem to work well...i've got number like this with this formula : 

Thank you very much for your help!
p.s:Sorry for my baaad english!

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