[ic] [item-accessories size]

Ryan Hertz [email protected]
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 14:11:22 -0700

>hi all,
>where i can change the presentation of size and color ?
>I don't want to use a select box but a table for example.
>Is-it possible ?
>something like this :
>[loop arg="[item-accessories color, options]"]

Looks like you're on the right track -- but I think that you need to loop 
on [item-field color], for example.  Here's what I use on my store 
(http://yamamoto.baits.com/cgi-bin/order/40-20 for example):

[loop arg=[item-field color]]
<TD align=center><A HREF="[area [loop-code]]" class="bod"><IMG 
SRC="/order/images/chart/[loop-code].jpg" WIDTH="40" HEIGHT="46" BORDER="0" 
LOWSRC="/0.gif" ALT="[loop-field description]"></A><BR>[loop-code]</TD>
[calc] return '</TR><TR>' if '[loop-increment]' % 10 eq 0[/calc]
[set colorcount][loop-increment][/set]
</TR><CAPTION><B>[scratch colorcount] Available 

The alt=[loop-field description] works for me here, because colors are part 
of my products db (I build cross-referenced pages, that is, a color flypage 
will list all the products that are available in that color).  Could have 
easily been done as part of another database, but I'm not that smart.  :-)

In this case, clicking on a color takes you to another page, but it could 
be rewritten to add the item to the cart with the correct color attribute.

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