[ic] 'check order status' on email receipt

Andrew Waegel [email protected]
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 19:22:53 -0800


question about the basic email reciept.

I really like the feature where it builds a link to query/order_status.html 
and puts it in the email to the customer.

The problem is that it only goes to non-logged-in users:
[if !session logged_in]
Or you can check status via this URL:

...and I want every purchaser to have this link. It seems like I can't 
simply make a link to cgi-bin/mystore/query/order_status.html because the 
session is expired after an post-order.

I know enough about interchange to know there are several ways of doing 
this, I'm wondering if anyone could share their experiences. Couldn't fine 
anything on the archives about this.


- Andrew

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