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Sun, 18 Mar 2001 02:19:53 +0100 (CET)

On 16 Mar, Bill Randle wrote:
> [email protected] wrote:
>> On 15 Mar, Bill Randle wrote:
>> [DEL]
>> > Another possibility, perhaps (untested):
>> I've tested your codes with
>>     [mvasp]
>>     <%
>>             HTML "This will take awhile, please be patient...";
>>             $Document->send(); # flush buffer
>>             $Document->hot(1); # send stuff as soon as it's written
>>             # some perl task that takes awhile
>>             # if there are some points in the process you can update the
>>             # user status, so much the better. E.g.:
>>             # foreach (@some_array) {
>>             #   HTML " ."; # show another period as a progress indicator
>>             #   some code that processes each item
>>             # }
>>     $i=0;
>>     HTML "<BR>In process ";
>>     for ($i = 1; $i <= 30; $i++)
>>     {
>>     HTML " .";
>>     $Document->send();
>>     select(undef,undef,undef,1.000);
>>     }
>>     HTML "<br>All done, thank you for waiting.";
>>     %>
>>     [/mvasp]
>> and I get the whole page after the mvasp is finish (30 seconds) and I
>> can't see another period (HTML " .";) during the process. What did I do
>> wrong?
> I don't know that you're doing anything wrong. After the reply from Mark, I
> tested it too and got the same results. I haven't had the time to look
> into it any deeper to see why it doesn't work as expected.

I'm in a muddle. The codes is right, but I get not the same results?
What I want is, IC has to send the line or the content of the line

   HTML " any nice message";

as soon as possible to the agent. But it seems to me, IC makes the whole
pages or codes first and send the page to the agent only, if IC is
finish with the whole work of building that page.

Hmmm....what I want is the same behavior like the site
http://www.metager.de . You can use any keyword, what you wisch. You
get a part ot the top page immediatly and then, you get every 10
seconds a line like

3 Sekunde ...  (30 seconds) 
20 Sekunde ...  (20 seconds) 
10 Sekunde ...  (10 seconds) 

etc. ...and suddenly.... I get a lot of transfered datas by my agent
(NS Navigator) and get a list of the results.

Another case.

You can use the [search-region]. But, you get a page only, if the
building of the results page process is finish and not during that

But if you use [search-region send=1], you get the page immediatly page
during the page building by Minivend or Interchange.

I want to write some inline perl codes and send some message from such
inline perl codes to the agent immadiatliy or ASAP and not at the the
end of the building HTML page by IC or the inline perl codes. Am I
missing a special codes as a replacement of the option "send=1"?

Was is my wrong?



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