[ic] Advice please on whether Interchange is the right path

Ron Dorman [email protected]
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 02:04:27 -0500

Master Abductor wrote:

> Please, be a downer! I want as much opinion as possible! I really screwed
> myself with the last cart I bought and I don't want to make another costly
> and regrettable mistake this time. Thank you for your opinion.

My experience with Interchange has been good.  I have been programming since
1978, mostly on Mainframes and AS/400's moving to Internet and Web applications
for only the last 3 years.  I downloaded Interchange, tarball, onto our servers,
installed it in December.  I did the install and had the Contruct Something demo
up and running in 4 developement sites in 1 day.  The first one is going live in
a week.  With persistance and dedication you can accomplish anything, with some
backend technical help it is somewhat easier.  It is a large task that can be
quite frustrating for someone learning "Web Stuff" as well as Interchange and
will take a lot of time to deliver the first solid site.  Interchange is a good
package and will cost you nothing but time to get into it, or move to something

BTW, when you create the demo catalogs, create them in the directory that they
will reside in for production.  Moving one is a real pain, unless I have missed

Ron D.