[ic] Red Hat Interchange vs. Zelerate AllCommerce

Dan McFarland [email protected]
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 10:15:48 -0600

In my opinion, I have looked at both and interchange has a LOT more to
offer.  One of the features that i like the most is seen on the demo store.
The products rotate themselves each time the page is visited so the
customers keep seeing fresh items every time.  it doesn't get stale and

It's also a bit faster to learn how to manipulate and can become EXTREMELY
flexible to your needs!

Feel free to visit our site in action at http://www.newtrailtrading.com  We
started out easily and used a modification of the demo.  From the day we
started, to entering 3,900 inventory items, to going live it took a whole
SEVEN (7) days for us.  most of the time was spent with inventory.  And that
was with only ONE person doing the entire site!

Try that with All-Commerce!  We spent over a month just trying to get it
installed and figured out!

Just my 2c worth.....


Unique distributor opportunities available!
Earn 30%-60% commission on each product.  Over 3,500 products!
Not Multilevel Marketing.
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> How compares Red Hat Interchange with Zelerate AllCommerce? Thank you!
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