[ic] Secure admin problems

Dan Browning [email protected]
Tue Jan 1 11:56:01 2002

> I want to have access to the admin interface go through 
> another secure 
> domain.  I added the "AlwaysSecure" list as suggested in the 
> FAQ, which seems 
> to successfully secure several pages, including the admin login page.
> However, it forces me to log in every time I click on a link 
> with the GUI.  
> Additionally, it gets into an unending loop of logins if I 
> try to view an 
> order.
> I am going it securing the admin interface in the right way?  
> If so, why am I 
> getting this problem?
> Any help much appreciated!
> Cheers
> Jon

Set UI_SECURE to 1

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