[ic] Semantics of __STYLE__ -vs- __THEME__

Marty Tennison [email protected]
Tue Jan 1 13:28:01 2002

Here is one that’s been bugging me for a while.

When setting up a store using themes it seem to
me that the __STYLE__ and __THEME__ variables are
a bit ambiguous.  Both variables set the directory
under /templates.   For example.

In Catalog.cfg we have this
include templates/__STYLE__/theme.cfg

And in theme.cfg we have this:
DirConfig Variable templates/__THEME__/regions

Question:  What is the purpose of having two separate
variables set directory names at the same depth?

Wouldn’t this make more sense?
DirConfig Variable templates/__STYLE__/__THEME__/regions

Or Better yet set THEME in variable.txt and do this
include templates/__THEME__/theme.cfg
(unless you need all the flexibility of above)