[ic] Redirecting Based on Domain

Mike Heins [email protected]
Fri Jan 4 10:59:01 2002

Quoting Richard Day ([email protected]):
> Jim:
> >Sorry. I've got no idea what 'SDF' is. When I foraged through the docs
> >section last month at Akopia I saw no mention of this tool guide. Otherwise
> >I would have downloaded it and printed it out.
> Simple Document Format. Details are at:
> http://www.mincom.com/mtr/sdf/
>  From that site: "SDF (Simple Document Format) is a freely available 
> document development system which generates high quality outputs in a 
> variety of formats from a single source. The output formats supported 
> include HTML, PostScript, PDF, man pages, POD, LaTeX, SGML, MIF, RTF, 
> Windows help and plain text."

If you check out the docs from cvs.ic.redhat.com, you will find it comes
with SDF and the extra few things we added to support our PDF docs.

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