[ic] "template_page" field in products table

Mike Heins [email protected]
Mon Jan 7 18:59:01 2002

Quoting Aaron Hazelton ([email protected]):
> Hi everybody,
> I think I may know what the "template_page" field is in the products
> table, but the DOCS say NOTHING about it, except that it is not used in
> the foundation demo...
> Does anybody know what that field is for and what you can do with it?
> Im kind of assuming that you can specify a different page to display
> that item's data in other than the default "flypage.html".  Any ideas if
> that's what it does?

You assumed correct.

Search for PageSelectField in the docs. If you set in catalog.cfg:

	PageSelectField template_page

then indeed you would override the base page if there was something in
the field for that SKU.

If you were to have searched for "flypage" at ic.redhat.com, that would
have been link number 4.

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