[ic] Announcing Formation of ICDEVGROUP

Mike Heins [email protected]
Fri Jun 7 17:06:01 2002

There are thousands of people using Interchange or Minivend, and
hundreds that rely on it for mission-critical needs. In order to
support this community, the Interchange core developers have founded
the "Interchange Development Group" (ICDEVGROUP) which defines itself
as follows:

"The Interchange Development Group (ICDEVGROUP) is a worldwide network
of developers dedicated to fostering the evolution of Interchange, a
highly professional Perl-based web application server in continuous
development since 1995."

The ICDEVGROUP states:
- Interchange lives and will live for quite some time to come.
- All core developers remain committed to the development
  of Interchange now and in the future.
- The Interchange product is safe from obstructions due to
  the GPL.

All decisions concerning Interchange will be made by the ICDEVGROUP
democratically in informal votes. The ICDEVGROUP selected Stefan
Hornburg, also known as Racke, as its first captain. The captain is
responsible for mediating disputes between members and for shepherding
Interchange through its major release cycles.

The ICDEVGROUP is an open organization and new members will join as new
core developers did in the past just by doing enough useful things for
Interchange development.

The address of the Interchange Developer's site is now:


The development of Interchange goes on just as before, with numerous
fixes and improvements in the stable version and innovations in the
unstable version. Examples for the latter are enhancements which
position Interchange more as a general-purpose web application server
and adding even more flexibility to its database layers.
Additionally, the ICDEVGROUP will investigate ways to speed up the
Interchange i18n project.

With best regards, your members of the Interchange Development Group.

    Brev Patterson (USA)
    Dan Browning (USA)
    Ed La France (USA)
    Jonathan Clark (England)
    Kevin Walsh (England)
    Mike Heins (USA)
    Mr. X (USA)
    Stefan Hornburg, captain, also known as "Racke" (Germany)
    Ton Verhagen (Netherlands)

 Personal note from Mike Heins: As a few of you already know, I have
 left Red Hat because my division was disbanded. I have formed with Greg
 Hanson a new company to focus on Interchange consulting for business.

 While this announcement is partly triggered by this move, it describes
 how we have really been developing Interchange for the past year.

 I am very excited about this, and I think of it as a very
 positive development for Interchange. Interchange will only
 get better as a result.