[ic] can't make the inactive/HIDE_FIELD work with 4.9.6

Mike Heins [email protected]
Sun Apr 13 15:45:01 2003

Quoting NOW Website Coordinator ([email protected]):
> I've read the mailing list and WHATSNEW, but I can't seem to make the 
> inactive field work properly in 4.9.6 (trying to upgrade from 4.8.6)
> I've added these lines to catalog.cfg:
> Database products products.txt TAB
> Database products HIDE_FIELD inactive
> Database products COLUMN_DEF "inactive=int default 0"
> I'm using the default database type,  although I don't see a way to design 
> it to be an integer type field-- I assume that's for other database 
> types.  Are there other configurations I'm missing?  Or does it need to be 
> an SQL database?
> It says it should work via search and NOT query.  I'm testing it with the 
> search box and advanced search and a record I've marked still shows up.  By 
> the way, what exactly does it mean not to work with "query"?
> Thanks for your help.
> Here is what it says in WHATSNEW:
> * Add new HIDE_FIELD capability to DbSearch. It provides automatic
>    hiding of records accessed via search (and NOT query).

Are you sure you have st=db in there somewhere?

WRT query, it means SQL queries.

Interchange really should not be run on the default DB in this day
and age, by the way. High-quality SQL databases are available for

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