[ic] Perl with threads

George Osvald [email protected]
Sun Apr 20 11:45:01 2003

I have been playing with interchange for a while. So far I had always ignored 
the error message regarding threads in Perl. The build always worked and I 
did not have any problems. Until now. 
I tried to build interchange using the latest nightly build without success. 
The make stopped after the error message that interchange would not work with 
threads enabled.
I downloaded SRPM and disabled threads in the spec file. I have now a brand 
new Perl RPM with threads disabled waiting to be installed.

My question is this: 
Since threads are enabled by default in Perl that came with my distro, am I 
going to break something by reinstalling it with threads disabled?
If so, is there a way around it?

I have RedHat 8.0. Stock Perl. Would an upgrade to version 9.0 resolve the 


George Osvald