[ic] Help or documentation for Tabbed menus?

Kushmit Indurain [email protected]
Thu Apr 24 13:27:01 2003


I am having problems integrating the tabbed menuing
functionality into my site.

In particular, I cannot figure out how to enforce the
menu heirarchy on specific pages. For example, if I
have a link on my front page to a content page in
another "section" of the site, I would like the menu
to change to reflect the user's logical "location" in
the site once the link is clicked.

I've looked in the mail archives, browsed the source
for my pages and pages in the Admin UI to see how it
was happening there, browsed through the code in
Menu.pm, and still can't figure this out.

I am using IC 4.9.4 and my Menu.pm version is 2.18.

Is there any doc on the tabbed menu (meaning of the
options in the Menu Editor, and how menu display is
affected by certain page attributes) or a quick answer
to this question? Others must have encountered this issue...