[ic] Modifying posted form with mv_click

Mike Heins [email protected]
Mon Apr 28 08:13:01 2003

Quoting Jamie Neil ([email protected]):
> Sorry - got it now (amazing what 2 hours sleep can do for you)
> Just for the record, I did it like this:
>                                 [button
>                                         text="Remove Item [item-increment]"
>                                         src="remove.gif"
>                                         hidetext=1
>                                         form=basket
>                                 ]
>                                 mv_todo=refresh
>                                 mv_nextpage=ord/basket
>                                 [quantity-name]=0
>                                 [/button]
> The key is to use [item-increment] in the button text so each button has a
> unique name.

This won't work except for the first item -- you need mv_quantity_update.

It will be easier to do it with a link:

	[page href="ord/basket"
		"]<img src="remove.gif" border=0></A>

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