[ic] User logins

Cameron [email protected]
Wed Apr 30 08:45:02 2003

> I'm trying to get user login functionality to work, and so far i've
> to get creating a new account and adding the client details to the db
> working, but when it comes time to hit the checkout, all the fields are
> blank. The input has the VALUE="[value whatever]" tag in there, so it's
> that... am I missing something extremely obvious?

in furtherance to this, i turned on [dump] on both a working foundation cart
(that does it's job properly) and my own site, and what I noticed is that
the stuff under CGI VALUES doesn't exist when i first enter the checkout  on
my site, whereas it's all filled out on the foundation cart On my site, it
all gets created when i actually try and submit something, ie. submit one
value and let the rest error out.

this unfortunately doesn't really explain much to me, why wouldn't these cgi
values get populated when i'm logging a user in? all the stuff is stored in
the db, that all works fine. what step am i missing here?